Pine Forest Homeowners Association

House Number and 911 Safety

Instructions for obtaining a 911 Address
Send a letter to:
Okanogan County Planning Dept.
Attn: Gene Wyllson
123 5th Ave. N. Suite 130
Okanogan, WA 98840


Send an e-mail to the following address asking the Planning Dept to establish a street address for your home in Pine Forest. Don’t forget to tell him your lot number. If you do not know your lot number, he will find it for you.

Please also ask them to send that address information to Kent Hitch on behalf of Pine Forest, so we can include the information we give to Emergency Services in the Valley - both Fire and Ambulance services. All of this is necessary in case you have an emergency and need assistance. By having a street address on your property and having it properly signed (see below) you increase your own safety.

Street Signs should be as follows:
A sign with letters indicating your house number that are at least 4 inches high and easily readable - need to be placed either on your home (if it is easily visible from the adjacent road) or at the edge of your property next to your driveway.