Pine Forest Homeowners Association

911 Addresses and Address Signs

Why do I need an E-911 address?
Primarily, to assist emergency services in responding to emergency calls. An E-911 address helps emergency services to locate residents. A faster response time can make a significant difference in survival and degree of recovery. However, E-911 location addresses are also often required for phone service, building permits, drivers license renewal, land titles, loans, mail delivery, insurance and for other purposes requiring a site location.

Instructions for obtaining a E-911 Address

Download the application form and mail it to:

Okanogan County Planning Dept.
Attn: Addressing 
123 5th Ave. N. Suite 130
Okanogan, WA 98840

Send your address info to so it can be included in the information we give to emergency service providers in the valley.  


Get an approved address sign

A sign with letters indicating your house number that are at least 4 inches high and easily readable should be placed either on your home (if it is easily visible from the road) or at the edge of your property next to your driveway.

Having a reflective blue property address sign helps emergency personnel—and your friends and neighbors—find you. The Winthrop Firefighters Association makes and sells the signs.

How to order
Sign-mounting guidelines