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Pine Forest Association Architectural Guidelines and
Requests for Approval of Construction/Site Change

Effective Jan 26, 2017

Approval Form for a Primary Residence Construction

Approval Form for Ancillary Structure Construction

Approval Form a Remodel of a Structure Exterior

Approval Form for a Site Change

The Architectural Guidelines are policies and procedures that assist the Architecture Committee and property owners through the design review process. The powers of the Architectural Committee are key elements in the success of every "automatic-membership" community such as Pine Forest. The design review process can create and preserve Pine Forest as an attractive, livable community. Such a process protects owners’ property values. The guidelines are intended to be clear and understandable to residents and provide consistent guidance on design and implementation for new construction, site improvements, and renovations. They reflect the following community values:

FIREWISE©: Use designs and materials consistent with Firewise design principles, including appropriate cladding and roofing materials, landscape planting palette, and provision of defensible space. Please note that “Firewise” hyperlinks are not all the same; each one goes to the appropriate location

RESPONSIBLE DESIGN: Choose fire resistant building materials; use design strategies that minimize environmental impact and work in concert with the local topography and microclimate.

COMMUNITY CHARACTER: Use design strategies and materials that are consistent with the prevailing elements of the Pine Forest character, with use of materials that blend with the surrounding landscape, such as natural woods, dark colors and other natural materials.


The Guidelines are intended to ensure that the review process is efficiently and effectively administered and that individual property owners and the community are treated fairly in the process.

The following are requirements per the Pine Forest Owners Association Covenants(C,C&R's) and additional requirements approved by the Pine Forest Owners Association Board. The associated C,C&R is listed in parenthesis at the end of each item. Please consult the covenants for the full text. Additions based on board decisions are indicated by the date (month/year) of the decision being incorporated.

General Guidelines
All permanent improvements to the property require approval of the Architecture Committee. (V.a) The Architectural Committee (AC) review will not commence if any PFOA dues are in arrears.

The only permanent improvements shall be single-family residential structures, including house, garage, storage outbuilding or other visible elements common to a single-family residence. (II.a)

All above-ground improvements except landscaping and necessary crossings by access drives, bridges or paths shall comply with Okanogan County building codes.

Receiving AC approval requires that a completed Request for Approval of Construction/Site Change of the appropriate type with, if necessary, appropriate plot plan, exterior elevations and/or other specifications be submitted for AC review at least 30 days prior to start of construction.

The plot plan should indicate the placement of each structure, provide the measurements of each structure’s exteriors relative to the lot boundaries, and indicate the location and width of the driveway and other planned access improvements. Note that setbacks are to be measured from lot boundaries, not from the street edge. (II. b)

Exterior landscaping plans should be submitted at the same time a request for approval of a primary residence is submitted. Landscaping must follow Firewise © design principles for creating defensible space around structures. Water consumption should be considered and appropriately managed with water conserving drip systems.

Work cannot commence without full AC approval. (II. h), which requires payment of all PFOA dues and the appropriate building fee. Failure to complete any improvement within the time allotted will result in forfeiture of the refundable portion of the building fee. See appropriate Request for Approval forms for time allotted to complete project(s).

Single-Family Residence
The Architecture Committee is responsible for approving the architectural design and exterior materials of the residence. The residence must be architecturally compatible with nearby structures and with the lot’s location, topography and finished grade elevation.

In order for AC to make its judgment on the residence it must receive the following information: a plot plan showing placement and footprint dimensions of all proposed structure(s) and the driveway, an exterior elevation for each proposed structure, and the color and type of roofing materials, siding and skirting proposed for each structure.

The residence shall provide a minimum living floor area of 720 square feet excluding garages and accessory structures and shall have no more than two stories. To ensure compliance the building plan should indicate residence dimensions. (II. a)

AC will consider exterior building materials in the context of their visual impact, appropriateness to the surrounding community and implementation of Firewise design principles. Metal or other fire retardant roofing in colors which blend into the surroundings (medium to dark brown and forest green) is preferred. Siding colors should blend into the surroundings. Colors and materials that provide strong visual contrast to surrounding natural and architectural context are to be avoided. In keeping with Firewise design principles for house exteriors must include non-combustible skirting.

In keeping with Dark Skies lighting guidelines provide exterior lighting only as needed for safety and comfort. Install “full cutoff” or “fully shielded” fixtures and use bulbs that minimize light pollution.

The following Firewise design elements for emergency access and egress must be included in plot plan:

Make driveway surface at least 12’ wide, with minimum 28’ inside turning radii.
Limit driveway gradient to no steeper than 10%.
If driveway is longer than 150’, provide an emergency vehicle turnaround with a minimum inside turning radius of 28’.
Include a minimum 10’ wide by 35’ long pullout if the driveway is longer than 150’ & include at least one pullout every 300’ for driveways longer than 600’.

Changes from AC-approved plans may cause the homeowner to forfeit the refundable portion of the building
fee. (II. h)

All residences must be completed within 18 months and must be permitted by Okanogan County before
construction begins. Other improvements are to be completed within the time period shown in the Request
for Approval of Construction/Site Change.

A water meter at the service connection and water shutoffs in the interior of the home (not in crawl spaces)
are required at the time of construction. The Pine Forest Community and Property Liaison will provide the property owner and the
excavator a copy of the requirements for hooking into the Pine Forest water system. (1/98) Contact the Pine
Forest Liaison for details, including make and model of water meter. Hooking into the PF water system will
not be allowed if PFOA dues are in arrears.

Propane tanks must be at least 30’ away from all structures.

Swimming pools, hot tubs, spas, ornamental pools or other water containment structure or appliance that are
over 500 gallons are not allowed. (2/04)

Approval must be sought to use a recreational trailer or camper or similar temporary shelter as a temporary
residence during construction of the primary residence. Such use is subject to approval from time to time by
the AC and shall be allowed only during the construction period. (II.c)

Ancillary Structures
Permitted ancillary structures include gaarage, shed, stable, corral, barn, and other similar structures (IIa). These
structures should complement the character or theme of the primary residence; that is, to the degree possible
the architectural character of the primary residence is to be maintained in ancillary structures. Where
appropriate, exteriors must include non-combustible skirting. AC approval is required prior to construction.
See appropriate Request for Approval of Construction/Site Change for details.

Other Changes to Lot
The following types of changes, whether part of construction of a structure or independent of such
construction, require AC approval, and thus submittal of a plot plan indicating the planned improvement:
removing live trees over 3 inches in diameter; installing utility facilities; excavating, filling or similarly
disturbing the land surface, including changing grade, stream bed, ground level or drainage pattern and
clearing shrubs or other vegetation; building driveways; adding irrigation. (3/13)

Minimal clearing and grading is encouraged to retain the rustic and natural appearance of the community, aid
in forest health, reduce the areas in which noxious weeds grow more readily, assure conservative water usage,
and reduce fire potential in keeping with the Revised Code of Washington RCW 76.04.495 (IV. h and V. a)

Please consult the Firewise home and landscape guidelines before finalizing your elevation, plot and
landscaping plans.

Building Fees
The purpose of the refundable portion of the building fee is to ensure timely completion of building and/or
remodeling of structures in Pine Forest and ensure that work complies with the community's Architectural
Guidelines and plans approved by the Architecture Committee. For the specific fees and the refundable portion of the fee, see the Request for Approval of Construction/Site Change

Prior to starting construction of the initial structure the property owner shall furnish to the Pine Forest Owners Association (via the Pine Forest Treasurer) a $3500 building fee, $1500 of which will be refundable. For other improvements to the property that require AC approval, see the Request for Approval of Construction/Site Change for fee and refundable deposit amount.

Only one building fee is required for each request submitted for review, even if the request includes multiple structures or changes, as long as all buildings or changes are completed within the same building period. The highest building fee applies in the case of a request that fits in multiple categories. (3/13)

Once the construction or alteration is completed, the property owner must notify the AC. The AC will then request that the Pine Forest Community and Property Liaison inspect the work for its adherence to the approved request. If the Liaison finds that the work adheres to the approved request, the AC will immediately direct the PF Board Treasurer to refund the appropriate portion of the building fee and inform the requestor that this has been done.

Additional Non-refundable Fee
Prior to water hook-up, a one-time water hook-up fee of $2000.00 (separate from and in addition to the yearly water assessment) shall be submitted to the Association through the Pine Forest Treasurer. All water hook-ups to the Association Water System must be coordinated through the Pine Forest Liaison. Any unauthorized connections will immediately be removed by the Association at the lot owner’s expense. (10/97 & 2/04)

Application Procedures and Architecture Committee Actions
The AC conducts its business via email, conference call or in-person meetings as needed. There are no scheduled meetings.

The committee is responsible for approving or rejecting a Request for Approval of Construction/Site Change within 30-days of receiving the completed form with accompanying documentation. (VI.b). Incomplete submittals will not be considered and will be returned to the property owner for completion. The AC will take no action on the request until it is complete. Re-submission of the request will not require an additional deposit.

Prior to the AC considering a request, one or more members and the Pine Forest Community and Property Liaison will inspect the property, looking specifically at marked property lines and stake-outs of the requested structure or change to property.

Within thirty days after receiving the completed Request for Approval of Construction/Site Change with accompanying documentation the AC will by majority vote and in writing approve, reject, or conditionally approve, the request. This and all subsequent actions related to the Request will be recorded. Whatever action it takes, the AC will immediately inform the requestor, using email if the requestor has provided that information, or US mail if no email address has been provided.

If the request is rejected or conditionally approved, then projected construction cannot begin. Construction can begin only when the AC fully approves the request, the building fee has been received and all PFOA dues are paid up. Construction begun prior to AC approval may be abated at any time by legal proceedings instituted by the Pine Forest Board of Directors.

Requestors disagreeing with an AC action can appeal the decision to the Pine Forest Board of Directors. In such a case the Board will communicate its decision to the AC for its records.

Enforcement of Architecture Guidelines and Architecture Committee Actions
Failure of an owner to complete the work in the required time period from the start date (and without seeking an extension of the end date that has been approved) will result in loss of the refundable portion of the building fee. Also, if the work done does not comply with the approved plans (other materials or colors used than approved with no resubmittal of plans with the changes for approval) the refundable portion of the building fee will be lost unless changes are made to the work to be compliant with the approved plans.

Other violations of Architecture Guidelines may be reported by anyone to the AC directly or via the Pine Forest Community and Property Liaison. Violations will be processed in the following manner:

A member of the AC shall review the alleged violations. Owner will be notified of said violation.

If the violation remains unresolved, two letters (second by registered mail), seven or more days apart, will be sent to the violator by the AC, cc’d to the Pine Forest Board of Directors. The letter will clearly state the nature of the violation.

If there is no response within 14 days of receipt of the second letter, the AC will turn the matter over to the Pine Forest Board and legal counsel. Expenses incurred in this process will be the responsibility of the property owner.

Contact information
To submit approval form
Architecture Committee Chair
PO Box 443
Winthrop, WA 98862

To pay fees
Pine Forest Treasurer
PO Box 443
Winthrop, WA 98862

For help with the project
Pine Forest Community and Property Liaison
Steve Meyers
Home: 509-679-3868
Cell: 509-679-3943 or 509-679-3868

Construction Reminders

Construction Debris
The community garbage dumpster is for household garbage only and must not be used for construction debris. Make arrangements for the periodic removal of construction debris from your lot. Please recycle. Consult Methow Recycles for information.

Electrical Service
A transformer is required to install electrical service. A single transformer may serve two adjacent lots. If you intend to share a transformer already installed by a neighbor, please negotiate the cost of use of the transformer with your neighbor. If there is no transformer currently in your lot's vicinity, one will need to be installed by Okanogan Electric Co-op, (509) 996-2228, at your expense.

To prevent pipes from freezing in winter months they should be buried a minimum of five feet, preferably six feet. Costs vary depending on distance and depth of water lines and piping materials (galvanized steel or plastic). Consult the Pine Forest Community and Property Liaison or the Twisp/Winthrop telephone directory for the names of excavating contractors.

Conditions for Hooking up to Pine Forest Water System

Any owner with new construction requiring water line connection to the water system must contact Andy Oosterof for inspection of that connection before it is made to the PF water system. You may also contact Steve Meyers (Pine Forest Community &  Property liaison) or Doug Hale (water manager) for assistance in contacting and scheduling the oversight review by Andy. The Pine Forest liaison is to receive at least three days’ notice from the homeowner or contractor prior to tying into water system. Andy’s, Steve's and Doug's contact information is available on the Contacts page. 

All work that connects into Pine Forest water system must be inspected prior to cover. Pipe and fittings must be visible and sand must be on site at time of inspection. (6/05)

All taps into Pine Forest water lines will be done with a Romack saddle for the appropriate pipe size with a minimum of two bolts per saddle, unless excepted by the Pine Forest Liaison. (6/05 ) All valves must be manufactured by Mueller Company and will be of one inch or larger size. (6/05) The valve should be located two to four feet from the drainage ditch nearest the home, or five to ten feet if no ditch is present.

Service lines to a home shall NOT exceed 1 1/4”. Preferred material is 1” Class 200 Poly. Acceptable materials are Type K copper and brass. NOT ALLOWED because of persistent corrosion problems are galvanized pipes and fittings. (05/06)

When working in the roadway, compact in 2 foot lifts and/or use a self-compacting material such as 5/8” crushed fill. Sand bedding is required and saddle types are dictated by soil conditions and pipe size. Check with Pine Forest Liaison.

All pipe from saddle to shut-off valve must be IPS 200 class poly pipe, fusion fitting, or brass compression fitting with stainless stiffeners. Pipe is to be bedded in sand with a minimum of 6 inches of cover. If poly pipe is used, also lay a wire along the pipe to ensure ability to locate water line and prior to backfilling, cover the pipe with 2” foam to protect it from perforation.

Septic Systems
The design and cost of a septic system for your house will depend on the permeability of the soils on your site and Okanogan County requirements. Consult PFMS or the telephone directory for the names of septic system contractors.

Telephone Service
Telephone service is available to most of Pine Forest via CenturyLink. To request the hookups or to have service extended to lots which are not currently connected to the phone system, please contact CenturyLink.

Water Conservation and Fire Safety
Pine Forest is situated in an uplands desert. As an Association, we are trying to be good stewards of our scarce water resource and maintain our status as a Firewise @ Community. Doing so requires water conservation and the creation of defensible spaces around structures.

Watering of any kind during peak periods such as Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day holidays should be kept to a minimum.
Water consumption should be appropriately managed with water conserving drip systems. Keep in mind that in the future restrictions on the use of exterior water may be instituted by the Board of Directors based on available water
In your new residence, efficient appliances along with low-flow showerheads and toilets are best.

Concrete patios, walks and the use of gravel can protect from fire and do not require watering and create defensible space. Beyond the 30’ of defensible space around structures, instead of having green spaces, mowing or weed “whacking” would be a better. Hardy, drought resistant plants are the best choices. Also remove stacked wood from near the buildings.

When you leave for long periods (i.e., winter), also plan on draining toilets, water heaters and sumps in drains if you do not plan on keeping adequate heat in the house. In this winter climate, frozen water receptacles are one of the most common causes of flooding in homes.

For More Information
The Pine Forest Community and Property Liaison can answer additional questions or concerns regarding your Pine Forest property, the water system, roads, availability of telephone service, any Pine Forest billing you receive, or related issues. They can assist you or your builder in obtaining and reviewing all covenants and restrictions, and explain the architectural review process. For those in search of a builder the Pine Forest Liaison may be able to provide referrals.

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