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Pine Forest Association Architectural Guidelines and
Requests for Approval of Construction

NOTE: This is a DRAFT document.


Before You Begin ...

Please see the Request for Approval from Architecture Committee form for information the committee will need.



The Architecture Committee’s design review process is intended to provide consistent guidance on design and implementation for new construction and renovations in Pine Forest. It reflects the following community values:

Firewise©: Use designs and materials consistent with Firewise design principles, including appropriate cladding and roofing materials, landscape planting palette, and provision of defensible space. 

Responsible design: Choose fire resistant building materials; use design strategies that minimize environmental impact and work in concert with the local topography and microclimate.
Dark Skies: Install fully shielded exterior fixtures that minimize skyglow, glare and light trespass.

Community character: Use design strategies and materials that are consistent with the prevailing elements of the Pine Forest character, including materials that blend with the surrounding landscape, such as natural woods, dark colors and other natural materials. 

The Guidelines are intended to ensure that the review process is efficiently and effectively administered and that individual property owners and the community are treated fairly in the process.



• All permanent improvements to the property require approval of the Architecture Committee.

• The Architectural Committee (AC) review will not commence if any PFOA payments are in arrears.

• Receiving AC approval requires submitting a completed Request for Approval of Construction with required documentation.

• Allow at least 30 days for completion of AC review

• Work cannot commence without payment of building deposit.

• Failure to complete project within 18 months will result in forfeiture of building deposit.

• Changes from AC-approved plans may cause the homeowner to forfeit building deposit.

• See the New Water System Connections and Repairs Policy for instructions on hooking into the water system.

• For installation/use of solar panels, see these RCW (Revised Code of Washington) requirements


Structure Design

• Primary residence minimum of 600 square feet and no more than 2 stories.

• Pre-fabricated building strategies including panelized assemblies, modular construction and non-traditional building methods will be considered if these are in accord with the character of Pine Forest dwellings and structures.

◦ All structures shall be built of permanent and durable materials in accordance with Firewise principles.
◦ Industrial storage accessories and shipping containers are not allowed.

• Allowed ancillary structures: garage, shed, stable, corral, barn. Where possible, structure maintains architectural character of primary residence.

• Remodels that modify or significantly change existing structures including exterior finishes—AC approval required.

• Exterior colors blend in with surroundings.

• Firewise exterior materials including non-combustible skirting and landscaping.

• Dark Skies exterior lighting.


Site Changes Needing AC approval

• Building driveway

• Adding irrigation

• Removing trees over 6 inches in diameter

• Installing utilities

• Excavating, filling or similarly disturbing the land surface, including changing grade, stream bed, ground level or drainage pattern, and clearing shrubs or other vegetation


Plot Plan

Include these Firewise design elements for emergency access and egress:

• Make driveway surface at least 12 feet wide, with minimum 28 feet inside turning radii.

• Limit driveway gradient to no steeper than 10%.

• If driveway is longer than 150 feet, provide an emergency vehicle turnaround with a minimum inside turning radius of 28 feet.

• Include a minimum 10-feet-wide by 35-feet-long pullout if the driveway is longer than 150 feet and include at least one pullout every 300 feet for driveways longer than 600 feet.

• Useful information: Firewise home and landscape guidelines

Minimal clearing and grading are encouraged to retain the rustic and natural appearance of the community, reduce noxious weed growth, and promote conservative water usage.


Other requirements

• Construction permitted by Okanogan County before work begins

• Propane tanks at least 30 feet away from all structures

• Swimming pools, hot tubs, spas, ornamental pools or other water containment structure or appliance over 500 gallons not allowed


Use of Temporary Structure During Construction

To request use of a recreational trailer, camper or similar shelter as a temporary residence during construction of the primary residence, fill out that portion of the Request for Approval of Construction.


Building Deposit

Requiring a building deposit is intended to ensure timely project completion.

• Only one building deposit is required for each request submitted for review, even if the request includes multiple structures or changes, as long as all buildings or changes are completed within the same work period.

• The AC will consider extending the 18-month work period only if substantial progress has been made on the project.

• Refund of Deposit: Once structure exterior is completed and construction debris removed, the property owner should notify the AC. The Pine Forest Liaison will then inspect the work for its adherence to the approved request and report inspection result to the AC. If the work adheres to the approved request, the AC will then direct the PF Board Treasurer to refund the building deposit and will inform the requestor that this has been done.


Application Procedures and Architecture Committee Actions

• The AC conducts its business via email, conference call or in-person meetings as needed. There are no scheduled meetings.

• See application form for fees.

• Documents must be submitted via email. No hard copies.

• Action will be taken within 30 days of receiving a completed request form and documentation.

• If the request is rejected or conditionally approved, then projected construction cannot begin.

• Construction begun prior to AC approval may be abated at any time by legal proceedings instituted by the Pine Forest Board of Directors.

• Requestors disagreeing with an AC action can appeal the decision to the Pine Forest Board of Directors. In such a case the Board will communicate its decision to the AC for its records.


Enforcement of Architecture Guidelines and Architecture Committee Actions


Contact information

To submit approval form:

To pay fees:
Pine Forest Treasurer
PO Box 443
Winthrop, WA 98862

For help with the project:
Pine Forest Liaison Steve Meyers
509-679-3868 or 509-679-3943


Construction Reminders

Construction Debris

The community garbage dumpster is for household garbage only and must not be used for construction debris. Make arrangements for the periodic removal of construction debris from your lot. Please recycle. Consult Methow Recycles for information.


Electrical Service

A transformer is required to install electrical service. A single transformer may serve two adjacent lots. If you intend to share a transformer already installed by a neighbor, please negotiate the cost of use of the transformer with your neighbor. If there is no transformer currently in your lot's vicinity, one will need to be installed by Okanogan Electric Co-op, (509) 996-2228, at your expense. 

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