Pine Forest Homeowners Association

Evacuation Routes

When there is an emergency and you must evacuate Pine Forest, your first choice is to exit the main entry onto Elbow Coulee Road.

But if the main entry is blocked or too dangerous to travel, we have permission from the Forest Service and a private landowner to evacuate via two routes, an upper one that leads to Thompson Ridge Road and a lower one through the alfalfa field south of Patterson Lake. 

Our evacuation map shows both routes and can be downloaded here.

Pine Forest evacuation routes map


Evacuation via North Blackjack to Patterson Lake Road  

In an emergency, this route will be staked by volunteers to help you find your way out of Pine Forest and around the alfalfa field to exit onto Patterson Lake Road.

You can download and print out the route details here








Evacuation via Blue Jay and Meadowlark to Thompson Ridge Road

If there is time, volunteers will place stakes to help guide you along upper Summer and Nighthawk roads. There won't be any stakes beyond the exit at Nighthawk onto Forest Service property.

You can download and print out the route details here