Pine Forest Homeowners Association

Lot Merger Procedures

The Association has a policy of allowing an owner of two lots to merge those two lots together to create one consolidated lot.. The consolidated lot will thereafter be treated as a single lot for voting and billing purposes. The two lots must also be legally merged by a separate application to Okanogan County. Once the lots are consolidated, one of the water shares is conveyed to the Association and the consolidated lot can not be divided back into two lots. A consolidated lot cannot be further merged with any other lot.

The following procedures must be followed to complete a consolidation:

1. Complete and file the Parcel Consolidation Request from Okanogan County. This application is available from the Okanogan County Planning Department, available on website: and PDFs/Parcel Consolidation

2. Once approved by the County, the lots will be merged for tax purposes and will appear as one lot on County records. The county won’t proceed on consolidation until the entire year’s taxes are paid. The Association will be contacted to comment on the request.

3. Complete and sign (the signatures must be notarized) the Lot Consolidation Agreement with Pine Forest Owners Association. This Agreement is available from Pine Forest Management and should be submitted to the Architectural Committee for approval. The consolidation will not be approved if either of the lots has been previously merged, if there are any outstanding violations of the covenants on either lot or any dues or assessments are in arrears. If approved, an officer of the Association will sign the Agreement and return it to the lot owner. The owner must then record the Agreement with the Okanogan County Auditors Department and pay the county a recording fee.

Return a copy of the approved Parcel Consolidation Request from Okanogan County and a copy of the recorded Lot Consolidation Agreement to Pine Forest Management. A consolidation fee equal to one year’s Association dues must be paid to the Association. Upon receipt of the above the consolidation will be complete. Until that time dues and assessments will continue to accrue on both lots.

Current as of March 2015